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What’s The Most Expensive G-Shock Ever?

The MRG-G1000RT-1A got a 2015 release in the US in September and was made available in select stores and online direct from G-Shock. The list price was some $6,000 dollars, so it’s certainly a contender for the most expensive G-Shock ever.

Constructed from Titanium 64 alloy, it is seven times stronger than standard titanium. Some of its signature features include accents of gold on the face, gold screws and crown. The case and bands were coated in a diamond-like carbon and a recrystallised bezel in the style of the ‘Nie’ traditional Japanese swords pattern.

The production run for this limited edition was just 100 and it was first showcased at BaselWorld 2015 in Switzerland in March of that year.

MRG-G1000-HT Hammertone, is this the most expensive G-Shock ever?

New for 2016 the MRG-G1000HT-1A ‘Hammer Tone’ is a limited edition that successfully blends expected durability, cutting edge technology and opulent craftsmanship. Released to mark the 20th anniversary of the MR-G high-end G-Shock range, it retailed for a cool $6,200. But is it the most expensive G-shock ever? If you discount G-shocks that have been customised, well yes it probably is! 

If bling is your thing, be sure to check out our post on on gold G-Shock watches. Not necessarily the most expensive G-Shocks but you might just fool people from a distance!

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