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The Impressive G-Shock Mudmaster Range

Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, resistant to dust, sand and mud, the G-Shock Mudmaster is another impressive watch from the Master of G series. Like all watches in the Master of G series, it has a special power and the special power of the G-Shock Mudmaster is its ability to survive in the most inhospitable of places.

Below we’ll cover some watches currently available in the range in detail but within the G-Shock Mudmaster range you will find some digital-only but also some analog and digital watches. As a premium options you can also expect some sophisticated features, such as:

  • A digital compass
  • A temperature sensor that measures the ambient temperature between -10 and +60 degrees celsius
  • An altimeter that detects air pressure changes and translates them into altitude information up to 10,000 meters
  • A barometer which measures air pressure and translates that into the detection of changes in weather
  • Accurate time globally irrespective of location via radio signal
  • Tough solar power ensures the watch keeps going even when you don’t
  • Naturally they are water resistant to 200 meters

There are a good number of options within the G-Shock Mudmaster range. Here we’re going to take a look at the G9000, the G9300, the GG1000 and finally the GWG1000.


The G-9000 is an entry level model in the G-Shock Mudmaster range. We’ve actually included it in our list of the best cheap G-Shock watches. The G-9000 is an all digital predominantly black watch with contrasting red buttons. The mud-resistant design ensures it can withstand an onslaught of grime, grease and grit.

Its low temperature resistance will ensure that if you’re caught in an inhospitable environment up to -20 degrees Celsius you’ll still be able to accurately tell the time. There’s a configurable backlight with afterglow, 24 hour countdown timer, dual 1/100 second stopwatches, 5 alarms with 1 snooze, full auto calendar, 29 world time zones, 12/24 hour format and a 3 year battery.

If you favor function over form well then this is a watch for you. A gripe for some can be the pressure required to depress the buttons, but if you can get over that well maybe you’re man enough to own this watch.


G-Shock Mudman - G9000


This is not the first time we’ve referred to the G9300, we’ve also included it in out list of best military G-Shock watches. A set-up from the G9000, the G9300 features Tough Solar power, a moon phase indicator, a thermometer (-10 degrees C to +60 degrees C), in addition to all the other features of the G9000. And of course, it goes without saying it’s al contained within a mud-resistant case. It’s another sober looking digital only watch but functionality is top notch.

G-Shock Mudmaster - G9300-1


Moving up the range again, here’s the GG1000, all the features of the G9300 but all wrapped up in more tantalizing packaging with digital and analog outputs. Digital compass, thermometer, high luminosity backlight, you get the picture.

There are a number of options to choose from pictured below is the GG1000-1A5ER with its black bezel and case and khaki band, the GG1000-1A3ER is very similar but with an olive green band and yellow accents on the face. The GG1000-1AER is all black, whilst the GG1000GB-1AER is mainly black with a gold bezel and hands.

Whichever one you choose the GG1000 is a worthy companion for the most mudtastic of missions.

G-Shock Mudmaster - GG-1000-1A5ER


King of the Mudmasters, the GWG1000 is a force to be reckoned with. This hunk of watch looks every bit the bees it is. It’s Triple G Resist reinforced, and is equipped with Triple Sensor technology (compass, atmospheric pressure and temperature). If any watch could save your life, it’s probably this one. Like the GG1000, there are a number of different color options to choose from

G-Shock Mudmaster - GWG-1000-1A3JF

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