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How Tough Is a G-Shock Watch

G-Shock watches are renowned for their toughness. They are tough watches no question, but just how tough are they? There are lots of video on YouTube that put G-Shock watches through toughness tests. Below we look at some of the best of them.

Destroy The G-Shock

Uploaded in late 2016 this video from Revolution puts the GA-100 through a series of gruelling tests, 10 in total, each more wicked than the last. From dogs, to baseball bats, to being frozen and boiled. It’s amassed quite a few views since it was first uploaded, it’s definitely one to check out.

G-Shock Tests of Toughness

This is an official Casio video, it’s a few years old at this stage. It subjects a number of G-Shock watches such as the DW-5600E, the G-9000 and the GS-1000J to a series of tests.

Not surprising, given that this is an official Casio video, but the respective watches all pass the various tests with flying colours. Be it dropped from a height, hit with a large hammer, shaken vigorously, subjected to electrical shocks or encased in ice – nothing puts a stop to the G-Shock watches.

G-Shock Tough Test on Japanese TV

Featuring G-Shock creator Kikuo Ibe himself this excerpt from Japanese TV shows the GW-5000 subjected to a number of crazy toughness tests. Hammered, driven over by a steamroller and more. Kikuo can certainly stand back with pride as the GW-5000 is put through its paces.

Casio G-Shock DW-5600 Torture Test

Boiling, hammering, slamming you’ll get the idea at this point. People have certainly taken up the challenge of testing G-Shock watches to their limits. This time up the unsuspecting victim is a DW-5600. Check out what cruel and unusual fate lay in store for this watch.

CASIO G-SHOCK Challenge the Limits – Metal Twisted G-Shock

Another official video from Casio, this time the focus of the tests is the MTG. It’s tested in Casio’s Hamura R&D centre in Tokyo for shock resistance, gravitational resistance, vibration, and water resistance.

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