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G-Shock Military Watches

When it comes to G-Shock military watches there are a few things to consider. Firstly, very many G-Shock watches are good choices for military use. They are all shock resistant as standard, they are all water resistant as standard, after that then important factors are; features, color, price and analog / digital and maybe display in general terms.

When it comes to color the more discrete the better we figure. A bright orange, bright yellow or bright red is probably not the smartest choice, so we’re probably talking black, green or camouflage options.

From a features perspective you likely want the basics and a couple of other extras but nothing crazy. Cheap, cheerful and above all functional in all care the order of the day.

There are mixed opinions in terms of display from people serving in the military and it may simply come down to preference. In favour of analog is the fact that, at a glance, it’s easier to tell time with some level of accuracy on an analog watch. In favour of digital is the fact that it’s arguably more resilient as there’s no moving parts.

G-Shock Military Black Collection

We’re going to jump right in with the Military Black Collection. The Military Black Collection is a collection of 3 classic G-Shocks released in late 2016. It consists of the DW-5600, the DW-6900 and the GA-100. All feature a somber black color scheme, including a black display and a cordura nylon band with stainless steel buckle and eyelets. Cordura is a highly durable fabric used with widespread application in the military.

G-Shock Military Watches - G-Shock Military Collection

Whether you’re in the military, planning on being in the military or not, these are pretty damn fine watches. Given that these are all classic G-Shocks with limited features prices are very affordable, in fact the DW-6900 features in our list of cheap G-Shocks and the GA100 features in our list of best G-Shocks for 2017.

Above and beyond the Military Black Collection (which we really love by the way), here are some other pretty good options to consider.


The GD-120 looks very much like it would be at home in the Military Black Collection, it’s another understated stealthily styled matte black G-Shock. It has a good range of features considering it’s cost-effective (it also makes an appearance in our cheap G-Shocks post). World time and 31 time zones, 5 alarms, full auto calendar, 7 year battery life, Super Illuminator LED backlight and flash alert to name a few.

G-Shock Military Watches - GD-120CM-1


For something a bit more full of features we’ve gone for the Rangeman GW-9400-3CR in olive green. It’s more expensive than the other options so far but it’s still not crazy expensive.

When it comes to features we’re talking, multi-band atomic time keeping for accuracy, tough solar power which could be handy, low temperature resistant, and triple sensor technology (atmospheric pressure, temperature and altitude). For other watches in the Rangeman range check out our Rangeman post.

G-Shock Military Watches - GW-9400J-3JF


This is another classic-looking G-Shock and looks to be descendent of the original GW-5000 released in 1983. It’s a lot cheaper than a Rangeman but still has some features in common such as multi-band atomic timekeeping so it won’t ever be inaccurate, and tough solar technology means you don’t need to worry about the battery.

It is small and thin in comparison to some of it’s bulkier siblings but it’s as tough and worthy of your affections as any of them!

G-Shock Military Watches - GWM5610-1


Our list of G-Shock military watches wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of at least one Mudman watch. If you spend your (military) life doing stuff like in the picture above then maybe was you need is a Mudman. It’s shock and mud resistant, it’s tough solar powered, has moon data, a digital compass, 4 daily alarms, backlight with afterglow, world time with 31 time zones and lots more bells and whistles to make this a good albeit slightly more expensive option than some.

G-Shock Military Watches - G9300-1

 So that’s our list of G-Shock military watches. As we said at the outset, there are a lot of suitable options and ultimately what watch is right for you is likely come down to some degree of personal choice.

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