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G-Shock GW-9400 Rangeman Range

If you’re an aspiring GI Joe, The G-Shock GW-9400 Rangeman could very well be the watch for you. Available in an unassuming black, or military / khaki green, it is has features fit for the most ardent adventurer.

The Rangeman is part of the Master of G series of watches first introduced 2 years after the very first G-Shock in 1985 with the Mudman, or DW-5500C.  The Rangeman itself is a reasonably recent addition to the Master of G series, introduced first in late 2013. The current Rangeman models available are the GW-9400-1 (black) and the GW-9400-3 (green).

Triple sensor technology is really what the GW-9400 Rangeman is all about. It can measure atmospheric pressure, temperature and altitude. On top of that then it has a digital compass and sunrise / sunset data. Since it was first introduced the sensor technology has improved in its overall accuracy however it still does need configuration. In addition to that you can expect Tough Solar Power, Multi-Band 6 Atomic Time Keeping and Super Illuminator Full Auto LED.

The GW-9400 Rangeman is arguably the best G-Shock currently on the market, in fact we included it in our best G-Shocks list. Not only is it arguably the best, it is the best selling premium G-Shock on the market.  Since its introduction in 2013 there have been quite a number of models and special edition models released. Black and green are the current widely-available models, but as you’ll see below there have been a lot of others in some really cool and funky color combinations, as well as some collaborations. You’ll still find some of these if you look on eBay and Amazon, but given that they’re limited editions from over the last few years, expect to pay a high price.

GW-9400DCJ-1JF Rangeman

The GW-9400DCJ-1JF was only introduced late last year. It looks very striking with the black bezel, camouflage band and just a few contrasting splashes of orange.

GW-9400 Rangeman - GW-9400DCJ-1JF

GW-9402KJ-2JR Rangeman

Quite possibly our favourite ever Rangeman, this was introduced in the summer of 2016 and it was a collaboration with Earthwatch, the organisation that ‘bring individuals from all walks of life together with world-class scientists to work for the good of the planet’. We love the blue bezel and the contrasting black and white band.

GW-9400 Rangeman - GW-9402KJ-2JR

GW-9400BTJ-8JR Rangeman

Another collaboration this time with Burton Snowboards from late 2015. Not exactly an understated watch designed to blend in unless you are in fact snowboarding and surrounded by snow. It’s predominantly white with orange and black accents.

GW-9400 Rangeman - GW-9400BTJ-8JR

GW-9400SRJ-4JF Rangeman

Another late 2015 release and another not so understated limited edition. Sunrise purple they call it, but if you’re ever seen a G-Shock in this color in reality you’ll know it’s actually quite a strong pink color. Even here you can see it’s quite pinkish. This was an international release. And yes mainly pinky / purpley with black accents.

GW-9400 Rangeman - GW-9400SRJ-4JF

GW-9400FBJ-4JR Rangeman

This dark orange Rangeman was released in Japan only in 2015. Predominantly orange with blue and carbon fiber accents.

GW-9400 Rangeman - GW-9400FBJ-4JR

GW-9401KJ-3JR Rangeman

This was a Japan-only release in 2015, another collaboration with Earthwatch the translucent green and yellow combination make this a unique looking watch. It reminds us of a cayman.

GW-9400 Rangeman - GW-9401KJ-3JR

GW-9400CMJ-3 Rangeman

This Rangeman was released in 2015 also. In comparison to the vibrantly colored models above this looks quite bland. But what suits some people, won’t suit others and vice versa. This is a good looking watch in camouflage.

GW-9400 Rangeman - GW-9400CMJ-3

GW-9400RDJ-4JF Rangeman

Released in 2014 this was a limited edition Japan-only release.

GW-9400 Rangeman - GW-9400RDJ-4JF

GW-9400RD Rangeman

The same only different to it’s twin brother above, with only very few differences (it doesn’t have a carbon fiber insert in the band).

GW-9400 Rangeman - GW-9400RD-4

GW-9400NVJ-2JF Rangeman

A 2014 release in limited edition. Primarily dark blue / navy with a small splash of orange and a reverse display.

GW-9400 Rangeman - GW-9400NVJ-2JF

GW-9400NV-2 Rangeman

This is pretty much the same as the GW-9400NVJ-2JF above but without the carbon fiber insert in the band.

GW-9400 Rangeman - GW-9400NV-2

GW-9400KJ-8JR Rangeman

The first Earthwatch collaboration back in 2014, this is a slick but understated choice. We really like the mostly grey, red and black combination.

GW-9400 Rangeman - GW-9400KJ-8JR

GW-9430EJ-9JR Rangeman

Something special to mark the 30th anniversary of the G-Shock watch, this one in lightning yellow certainly won’t go unnoticed.

GW-9400 Rangeman - GW-9430EJ-9JR

GW-9400BJ-1JF Rangeman

Released in 2013 this is nice and understated. Black on the whole, discrete lettering and a reverse display.

GW-9400 Rangeman - GW-9400BJ-1JF

GW-9400J-3JF Rangeman

A military-inspired release, primarily green but with a combination of black and yellow lettering.

GW-9400 Rangeman - GW-9400J-3JF

GW-9400-3 Rangeman

Pretty much the same as the watch above but without the carbon fiber insert.

GW-9400 Rangeman - GW-9400-3

GW-9400J-1JF Rangeman

Standard issue black Rangeman release from 2013.

GW-9400 Rangeman - GW-9400J-1JF

GW-9400-1 Rangeman

As above but without the carbon insert.

GW-9400 Rangeman - GW-9400-1

So that concludes our rundown on the GW-9400 Rangeman range. We’ll ensure you to update this page as and when new models are released in the months and years to come. We’re sure there’s some very exciting limited edition models and collaborations in store!

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