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G-Shock Frogman Range

The G-Shock Frogman was first released in 1993. It is a watch from the Master of G series, and it was one of the very first watches in the series, with the Master of G series itself only being introduced in 1993. There are a number of other watches in the Master of G series, such as the Rangeman.

G-Shock Frogman - DW-6300

DW-6300 – The First Ever G-Shock Frogman

The DW-6300 was the first G-Shock Frogman model released. It had an unusual asymmetric design, and it was specifically designed to meet the needs of scuba divers – hence the name!

DW-8200 – Introduced First in 1995

The DW-6300’s successor the DW-8200 was introduced in 1995, and in 1999 the DW-9900 model was introduced although production for the DW-8200 also continued. The DW-9900 was notable as being smaller than its predecessor and perhaps also less popular.

DW-9900 –¬†Introduced in 1999

Two years later in 2001 production for the GW-200 Tough Solar iteration began. The GW-200 certainly stood the test of time and it was not until 2009 that the GW-1000 fifth generation G-Shock Frogman was introduced.

In late 2016 the sixth generation GWF-D1000 was introduced.

G-Shock Frogman GWF-D1000

GWF-D1000 РFirst Introduced in 2016. 

The GWF-D1000 features triple sensor technology, temperature, depth and a compass. It can log dive time, depth and water temperature for up to 20 dives.

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