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Welcome to our list of G-Shock FAQs, below you’ll hopefully answers to some of your questions, if not let us know and we’ll do our best to answer your question.

What are G-Shock watches?

G-Shock is a watch brand manufactured by Casio. First introduced in 1983, G-Shock watches are designed to be shock resistant.

G-Shock watches have come a long way since their introduction over 30 years ago, the full range consists of literally hundreds if not thousands of models catering to the varying needs of purchasers.

Available at a wide range of price points and in countless colour-ways there is sure to be a G-Shock for everyone.

What’s different about G-Shock watches?

From their inception G-Shock watches were designed to be shock resistant. They have a rugged look, water resistance and long-life batteries.

Some of the more sophisticated and expensive models have integrated sensors (altitude and temperature etc.) and smartphone connectivity.

Are G-Shock watches popular?

G-Shock watches have been very popular over their 30+ years existence. Whilst they were originally designed to achieve function over form, G-Shock watches have enjoyed popularity amongst a wide range of people internationally.

Whether you have a demanding profession or just a demanding lifestyle, G-Shock owners make good use of the extensive features afforded across the similarly extensive G-Shock range. G-Shock watches aren’t just tough, features such as world time, water resistance, thermometer, altimeter, countdown timer etc. are commonplace.

Whilst G-Shock functionality is impressive, many G-Shock owners are drawn in, not only by that, but by their distinctive and rugged appearance.

In comparison to other iconic watch brands G-Shock watches are highly affordable, but this has done nothing to curtail their popularity in celebrity circles.

Are G-Shock watches just for men?

No, there are G-Shock watches suitable for people of all ages, male and female. The Baby-G range specifically caters for the female market.

Where can I buy a G-Shock watch?

G-Shock watches are widely available across the globe. You will find them in department stores and specialist jewellery stores alike. Online you will also find an extensive supply of them on eBay and on Amazon.

Where are G-Shock watches made?

Early models were made in Japan, Malaysia and Korea. Today manufacturing is primarily in Japan, China and Thailand.

Are G-Shock watches ethically produced?

Casio upholds a strict code of conduct across the Casio Group. This defines their respect for human rights, their approach to environment conservation and their compliance with legislation. Further information can be found here. 

Are there different G-Shock models available in different countries?

Yes. Some models are exclusive to Japan and Asia and never officially make it beyond those markets. New models introduced also typically become available in Japan before becoming available in other markets.

I’ve lost my G-Shock manual, are they online?

Yes. You can search for G-Shock manuals here. In order to find the correct manual, you will need to know your model number.

Which G-Shock is for me? 

With some many to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out what is the right G-Shock for you. Here are some things to consider when deciding which G-Shock to buy:

  • Price: Typically you get what you pay for. Whilst G-Shock watches are quite affordable, how much you’re willing to spend will somewhat dictate what model you can hope to get in terms of features and design. A good way to understand what you can hope to get for your money is to search Amazon or eBay.
  • Gender: The Baby-G range is better suited to smaller wrists, for that reason a Baby-G can be the smart choice for women.
  • Usage: What you intend to use your G-Shock for can influence what model you choose. If you just want to look cool maybe some of the more expensive models with advanced features will be beyond your needs. But if you are into scuba diving or mountaineering be sure to check out the models that have features specifically geared towards those pursuits.
  • New or old: G-Shock watches have been around for over 30 years and because they’re built to last you can often pick up a secondhand one for a good price on auction websites such as eBay.
  • Size: G-Shock watches can be bulky so choose carefully if you want it to fit inside a restrictive shirt sleeve or something. As mentioned above, for women the Baby-G range can be the way to go. Or if you like things large check out the extra large models.
  • Uniqueness: With so many models to choose from it’s not very likely that you’ll encounter someone with the exact same model as you. But if you’re determined to be different it’s good to know that there are limited edition models to choose from our better yet an even more limited edition collaboration model.