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Cheap G-Shock Watches

One great thing about G-Shock is that there is something sure to suit every budget. Here you’ll find a rundown on some great cheap G-Shock watches. All of which you should be able to pick up for less than $100. Hopefully it goes without saying that when it comes to cheap G-Shock watches you aren’t going to get as many features or options as more expensive options.

But if you’re looking for something that looks smart, is tough enough to withstand whatever you have to throw at it, has a few core features and costs less than $100, check out some of the options we’ve put together below.


First up is the the DW9052-1V, we’ve actually also included this in our top 10 G-Shock watches list. Maybe that’s enough for you, and if so don’t read any further! This is a classic G-Shock where blue is the name of the game. As those familiar with G-Shock watches will know as standard they are shock resistant and water resistant up to 200 meters, and the DW9052-1V is no different. On top of that, expect a daily alarm, stopwatch with countdown timer, 12/24 hour format and a good strong backlight. Rugged looks but not too big mean this has broad appeal for men, women and kids.

Cheap G-Shock Watches - DW9052-1V


This is another classic looking G-Shock, again it’s shock resistant and water resistant as you’d expect. It has an auto calendar, 2 year battery, EL backlight, multi-function alarm and a countdown timer. This watch gets consistently good reviews from those who purchase it. Simple and discrete design, easy to set-up, and can take some beating. Again if size is a factor for you this could be a good option, small enough to suit teens.

Cheap G-Shock Watches - DW-5600E-1V


This is a funky little watch from the Neo Pop Color Series. It features a bright blue bezel and a bright orange band. The face then is primarily blue with some small accents of orange. This analog digital watch is predominantly about style, but it holds its own on the features front also. 29 time zones, 4 daily alarms with 1 snooze, countdown timer, full auto calendar, 2 year battery life and 12/24 hour format.


This analog and digital watch in black with red accents probably looks more expensive than it actually is. It’s an ample companion for the outdoor adventurer but it also looks smart and sophisticated for every day wear.

Not the biggest of watches with a case diameter of 5.21 cm, it has world time for 48 cities, daily alarm with snooze, stopwatch with countdown timer, full auto calendar, dual time display and a back light.

Cheap G-Shock Watches - GA100-1A4


The G100-9CM is a black analog and digital watch, with a capital ‘A’ for analog and a small ‘d’ for digital. It has a small black case of 4.6 cm, with neo-brite luminous hands and markers with a combination of grey lettering and yellow G-Shock branding around the bezel.

It’s shock and water resistant as you’d expect, a 1/100 second stop watch, 12/24 hour format and an EL backlight.

Cheap G-Shock Watches G100-9CM


This is one of our favorite cheap G-Shock watches. It’s all black stealthy appearance and the reverse display make it look like it’s straight out of Call of Duty: Black Ops or Batman maybe even.

This is a 2015 model, and whilst the one we’ve selected is black you’ll also pick this up in our colors such as camouflage (GD120CM-5).

It has 31 time zones, 5 alarms, Super Illuminator backlight, multi-time, full auto calendar, 7 year battery, 1/100 second stopwatch with countdown timer.

Cheap G-Shock Watches - GD-120CM-1


This big case G-Shock with a big display is primarily red, with a red bezel and red band – it’s a solid choice.

It’s quite rich in terms of features versus some others listed. It’s low temperature resistant, it has a backlight with afterglow, 4 multi-function alarms, tide graph, moon data, 29 time zones, auto calendar, 1/100 second countdown timer and stopwatch. And if you don’t like red the G7900-1 is a black option with red accents.

Cheap G-Shock Watches - G7900A-4


This all white DW6900 is pretty slick we hop you’ll agree. It’s not too big with a 5.0 cm case diameter and has decent features including a nice strong backlight with afterglow, multi-function alarm, 1/100 second stopwatch, countdown timer, auto-calendar, 12/24 hour output and a 2 year battery. This is a classic looking G-Shock in an eye catching color.

Cheap G-Shock Watches - DW6900NB-7


Something a little different this time, the G900-1 is a cost effective mud resistant Mudman black watch with red buttons on the side of the case. If you like to get messy this is a watch that can withstand mess.

Configurable backlight, world time with 29 time zones, 5 multi-function alarms, stopwatch with countdown are some of the features of this watch. But who cares about all that, it’s mud resistant!

This is a sturdy watch, some complain that the buttons are a little hard to press. But if you’ve problems pressing buttons on a watch, maybe you have bigger problems.

Cheap G-Shock Watches - G9000-1

And here ends our list of cheap G-Shock watches. This list is by no means exhaustive but we hope it gives you some realistic options and also demonstrates what you can expect to get within a budget of under $100.

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