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Casio and Chinese Social Network QQ Announce Partnership

Casio, makers of G-Shock watches, has announced a partnership with QQ the Chinese social network. With almost 900 million monthly active users, social network QQ and Casio will partner on subjects such as fashion and marketing.

The objective of the partnership is to increase their relevance to the predominantly young QQ audience. Over 60% of QQ’s active users were born since 1990 and Casio is a brand that has been inextricably linked with youth and street culture and fashion for decades through its -G-Shock and Baby-G brands.

This partnership is the first of many anticipated to provide mutual benefits to QQ and partner brands such as G-Shock, through the introduction of initiatives that demonstrate their relevance to their audience and drive deeper engagement.

Facebook has a reported 1.9 billion monthly but has been banned in China for almost ten years. Facebook is also banned in Iran and North Korea.

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