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Best G-Shock Watches For Kids

Here’s a run down on some of the Best G-Shock Watches for kids. Pardon the pun, but kids and G-Shock watches go hand in hand together. Kids live active lives – bumps, knocks, cuts and bruises are part and parcel of life as a kid. So what better watch to survive a similar fate than a G-Shock? If they don’t have a watch how can you tell them off when they’re late home for dinner!

As you will probably know the Baby-G range, introduced in 1991, is targeted specifically at the female market. A key characteristic of the Baby-G range is that they cater for a slimmer wrist than standard G-Shocks. This makes them a great option for kids given that they too are likely to have slimmer wrists than most men.

Outside of the Baby-G range there are lots of other options for kids, from the G-Shock Mini range to the G-Shock S Series. Check out our top picks of the bunch below. Whether girl or boy, younger kid, or older kid – there’s a G-Shock out there that’s right!

G-Shock Mini GMN-691

G-Shock Mini GMN-691 For Kids

The GMN-691 is a great choice for kids, and seems to be particularly popular with kids under the age of 10. Whilst the model picture is black it is also available in other colours.

The GMN-691 is effectively a mini DW-6900 (30% smaller in fact), the GMN-692, is similarly based on the classic DW-6900.

Given that some kids (boys in particular) may be opposed to wearing a watch that says Baby-G across its face, this watch instead says G-Shock Mini across the face of it.

Note this watch is hard to find currently, it has a good number of features, including – a stopwatch and timer, 5 alarms, world time, water resistant to 100m, auto calendar, an EL backlight and a 3 year battery.


G-Shock GMA-S110 For Kids

The GMA-S110 is from the S Series range of watches. Targeting the female market primarily the S Series watches are smaller than your typical G-Shock and as such are a great choice for kids.

49mm x 45.9mm x 15.8mm in size makes it compact, it features a stopwatch, daily alarm with snooze function and an auto calendar.

The white model featured would naturally be suitable for either boys and girls, however there is a wide range of colours available, pinks, greens and blues primarily.


G-Shock DW9052 For Kids

 Ok this one is not strictly for kids, certainly not only for kids and perhaps more suitable for slightly older kids. We’ve included this for a few reasons, it’s a classic and it’s very affordable in comparison to some of the more expensive models, due to its swivelling strap it is adjustable to smaller wrists.

The DW9052 is available in a bunch of different colourways. Due to its bargain price point functionality is reasonably basic but as you’d expect it is water resistant to 200M, 24 hour stopwatch, countdown timer etc.


G-Shock-GMD-S6900 For Kids

Next up in our guide to G-Shock watches for kids is the GMD-S6900. If funky colours and patterns is what you’re looking for, look no further than the GMD-S6900. This is another model from the S Series meaning it’s smaller and more petite than a standard G-Shock. This is a very distinctive watch and certainly one for that kid that’s happy to be different.

It features an EL backlight, 200M water resistance, 48-city world time, stopwatch, countdown timer and 3 multi-function alarms.


Baby-G BA-110 G-Shock For Kids

No post on G-Shocks suitable for kids would be complete without the inclusion of some watches from the Baby-G range. Pictured above is the Baby-G BA-110, this Baby-G’s answer to the bigger GA-110. Available in a huge variety of colours and patterns this one is a winner by any measure.

It is keenly priced versus its bigger brothers and features, world time, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, multi-alarm and an analogue and digital display.


Baby-G BGD-180 G-Shock For Kids

This really is a sweet choice. Again it’s from the Baby-G range, it’s sporty looking, comes in a range of colour combinations and has more functionality than some of the other models featured. All that you would expect in terms of stopwatch, countdown timer, alarms etc. but it also features tide graph and moon age display.

So there ends our rundown on G-Shock watches for kids, we hope you found it useful!

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