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Best G-Shock Watches 2017

Welcome to the best G-shock watches for 2017 list. We’ve trawled through product specs, kicked the tyres of lots of watches and generally done our homework, to whittle it down to our top 10. In the table below you’ll find a quick view of the watches we’ve selected, and further below you’ll find a detailed review of each watch within the top 10.

In the list you’ll find some classic G-Shock watches, in addition to some new and more recently released watches. We’ve aimed to consider all price ranges, watches for those who simply want basic functionality from their G-Shock, and watches for those that have more demanding and specific requirements.

Such is the diversity of the G-Shock range, whittling it down to just 10 was no easy task. And unfortunately as you’d expect like all such lists, there’s an element of subjectivity involved. Nothing in the world stands still for very long, our list of best G-Shock watches for 2017 is no different. We aim to periodically review this list as new watches are released, to ensure we’re still happy with the top 10 we list.

If you’re new to G-Shock watches, a couple of things to point out from the get go. Shock resistance is fundamental to all G-Shocks. The clue’s in the name right. Water resistance to 200 meters is also a standard feature, some models offer more. A backlight, calendar, stopwatch and one or more alarms are also reasonably basic features, whereas GPS, bluetooth, barometers, altimeters etc. are features you’re more likely to see on high spec models. The price of a G-Shock is not only influenced by its features, another major factor is materials used, so expect titanium G-Shock watches to be pricey for example.

In the table below we outline the model name, whether it’s digital or analog, top features for that particular watch and give some indication of price. If you’ve read our post on the most expensive G-Shock watches, you’ll know that G-Shocks can go up to $6,000+. So for the purposes of this review a $$$ classification means $$$ in the context of this list, not necessarily overall.


G-Shock WatchDisplay TypeTop FeaturesCase DiameterPrice
GWN1000H-9AAnalog and DigitalTough Solar Power, Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping5.6 cm$$
GA110-1BAnalog and Digital2-Year Battery, Magnetic Resistant, 29 Time Zones5.5 cm$
GA100-1A1Analog and Digital2-Year Battery, Magnetic Resistant, 29 Time Zones5.5 cm$
DW9052-1VDigital2-Year Battery, Daily Alarm, Auto-Calendar4.85 cm$
G100-1BVAnalog and Digital3-Year Battery, Magnetic Resistant, Multiple Time Zones4.78 cm$
GW9400-1DigitalTough Solar Power, Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping, Triple G Resist5.3 cm$$
GPW-1000RG-1AAnalog and DigitalTough Solar Power, GPS Hybrid, Smart Access, Triple G Resist6.6 cm$$$
MRG-G1000D-1AAnalogTough Solar Power, GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor, 20 ATM Water Resistant5.47 cm$$$
GA-700-4AAnalog and Digital5-Year Battery, 31 Time Zones, 5 Daily Alarms5.75 cm$
ST-210D-9AAnalog and DigitalLayer Guard Structure, 31 Time Zones, 5 Daily Alarms5.2 cm$$


This Gulfmaster is our favourite of the bunch. Not only is it a good looking watch, it’s packed with features. This particular Gulfmaster is yellow with a stainless steel bezel. On the features front, fancy being able to predict the weather? It has Multi-Band Atomic Time Keeping, Fly-back Function, Triple Sensors for temperature, atmospheric pressure and direction. It’s resistant to low temperatures, it has Tough Solar Power, Smart Access and a whole host of other features.

This watch is not for the novice but it offers a lot of functionality for a good price. There’s a lot of features to set-up and get maximum value from it. But once you do, wow! It is that mix of functionality, price and rugged good looks that make this our top choice.

Aimed at the maritime adventurer this won’t be to everyone’s taste but if you’re the serious seafaring type this is the watch for you.
Best G-Shock Watches For 2017 - GWN1000H-9A


Down the price range a bit from our previous option, this is a versatile watch, sleek and stylish on the one-hand, but still rugged and masculine. This is a big watch so if you’ve small hands it might not be the one for you. Metal incorporated into the design gives it a slightly industrial feel. With analog and digital output it holds its own in terms of features. World time in 48 cities across 29 time zones, 4 daily alarms with 1 snooze, a full auto-calendar, speed / distance indicator all in a matt black case.

Strictly speaking this is a diving watch, but with decent functionality, a very reasonable price point and balanced looks it could be a great choice whatever you’re into.

Best G-Shock Watches For 2017 - GA110-1B


Similar to our last pick, this is a somewhat understated well-featured watch for those not wanting to break the bank. We felt we had to include this watch given its popularity. A favourite with the military and the police forces it is stealthy and sturdy with white dial hands. Whilst it’s a big watch it’s still reasonably lightweight. As mentioned in the table above, it’s magnetic resistant, has 29 time zones, 4 daily alarms, full auto-calendar, and needless to say it’s shock resistant and water resistant to 200 meters.

One little gripe from some about this watch is the backlight, it’s not particularly strong. That suits lots of people, but others still like to be able to light up the room. If a relatively weak backlight is something you seek well then this could be the watch for you.

Best G-Shock Watches For 2017 - GA100-1A1


A classic looking G-Shock at a great price. As standard this is water resistant and shock resistant. It’s not the most feature-rich G-Shock out there that’s for sure but if you want the great G-Shock look and great value, this is good option. 12/24 hour format, stopwatch with elapsed time and split time, countdown timer, daily alarm and a strong backlight.

It’s durable and practical, it’s simple and easy to use, and whilst aimed primarily at men, it’s smaller than many other G-Shocks so for that reason it’s also a good choice for women and teens. This is another favourite of the emergency services.

Best G-Shock Watches For 2017 - DW9052-1V


Another cost-effective classic option for people who like to keep things simple, it’s not loaded with features you’re unlikely to use. Analog and digital output, magnetic resistance, dual time, daily alarm, backlight with afterglow but not overpowering, stopwatch, 12/24 hour format and auto calendar are what you get with the G100-1BV.

A nice big round dial, but again this is smaller and less bulky than some G-Shocks so it arguably falls into the unisex category, it may suit women and teens. Expect years of use from this hardworking and unassuming watch.

Not our favourite of the more basic G-Shocks but its classic status and its popularity make it worthy of inclusion.

Best G-Shock Watches For 2017 - G100-1BV


The Rangeman from the Master of G series. If we’ve not worn out the word rugged yet, we’ll use it again, this is a rugged and manly watch. Popular with outdoorsy folk this watch is brimming with features. The Rangeman is engineered to withstand the toughest of conditions.

Triple sensors (altitude, barometer, temperature), Tough Solar Power, Multi-Band 6 Atomic Time Keeping, Super Illuminator Full Auto LED – these are the features you come to expect from a more expensive G-Shock watch. That said you get a lot of features here for what is still a reasonably modest spend. This is a big watch so it may not be particularly suited to people with smaller wrists, or women.

We’re highlighting the GW9400-1 here but the GW9400-3 is it’s green brother. Or if you’d rather camouflage, be sure to check out the slightly more expensive GW9400DCJ-1.

Best G-Shock Watches For 2017 - GW9400-1


This Gravitymaster is a serious piece of kit. But of course with a price tag to match. It is packed with features and successfully blends old and new, with vintage rose gold touches and cutting edge technology – a connoisseur’s choice. 

Tough Solar ensures uninterrupted function with 7 months of battery life from a full charge. Triple G Resist, Multi-Band Atomic Time Keeping, GPS Signal Reception, 40 Time Zones, Smart Access Electronic Crown, GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor and with a splash of red this feels and is every bit the premium G-Shock. This is a chunky analog and digital watch and perhaps only really for those who will make best use of the full range of features.

Best G-Shock Watches For 2017 - GPW-1000RG-1A


This is our most expensive watch in the list, whilst it’s pricey it’s very well specced. It’s typically G-Shock-like in its appearance, but as you’d expect for the most expensive watch in the list it’s refined and sophisticated with its Sallaz-polished titanium finish and sapphire crystal glass. This really is a watch that wouldn’t look out of place in a courtroom or on the court.

In terms of features we’re talking GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor technology, Tough Solar, 27 cities World Time, Power Saving Function, 20 ATM water resistance, Power Saving Function, Full Auto Calendar and more.

This is more affordable than some of the other MRG-G1000 models available (I know!), and whilst the production of G-Shock watches is currently spread across a number of countries, high-end models such as this are still manufactured in Japan the birthplace of the G-Shock.

Best G-Shock Watches For 2017 - MRG-G1000D-1A


We’re right back down the price range for this next model, the new GA700-4A. This is a funky looking G-Shock, classic in appearance but quite striking nonetheless with sharp and bold angles. Similar in appearance to the Rangeman and Mudmaster but much more affordable. We focus on the predominantly red GA700-4A here, but there are other colours to choose from, such as the GA700-1B and the GA700-1A.

As you’d imagine price gives some indication of what you can expect in terms of features – 31 Time Zones, Super Illuminator LED light, 5 daily alarms, analog and digital outputs. What we particularly like about this watch is the nice big easy to us buttons throughout.  That, and as mentioned before the Rangeman / Mudmaster aesthetic without the price to go with it.

Best G-Shock Watches For 2017 - GA700-4A


It would rude not to include a watch from the G-Steel range in our mega-list of best G-Shock watches for 2017. Here we’ve picked the GST210D-91, as we particularly like the combination of gold and silver. But if that’s not for you there are about 8 other colour combinations to choose from, all similarly priced.

This watch is for someone seeking decent functionality with a refined appearance. The G-Steel range with layer guard structure features a digital and analog display, 31 Time Zones, 5 Daily Alarms, Countdown Timer, Auto Calendar, Super Illuminator LED. This watch oozes quality, it just feels well put together, it has a reassuring weight to it but is still very comfortable on the wrist.

Best G-Shock Watches For 2017 - GST-210D-9A

That concludes our rundown on the best G-Shock watches for 2017, phew!