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Best G-Shock Solar Watches

G-Shock watches are typically powered either by battery or with Tough Solar power. A G-Shock solar powered watch is pretty damn handy. No having to worry about changing your battery, no worrying about your watch going dead at the exact wrong moment.

Tough Solar watches are in fact powered by battery, however the battery is recharged by a small solar panel on the face of the watch when exposed to the sun. It really depends on the model you choose, but a Tough Solar watch can stay charged for anywhere between 5 and 23 months. Tough Solar watches can be recharged by any light source but how long it will take to recharge is dependent on the type of light source.

Below we look at just some of the many G-Shock solar watches currently available.


This is a rugged and popular all black G-Shock solar watch. In addition to it being solar it features 1/100 second stopwatch, EL backlight, 31 world timezones, tide and moon graph, 12/24 hour formats, and full auto calendar.

G-Shock Solar Watches - GW7900B-1


This is a pretty slick looking watch with a negative display. It’s water and shock resistant, full auto EL backlight with afterglow, world time (31 time zones), 1/100 second stopwatch, countdown timer, full auto calendar, Multi-Band Atomic timekeeping and of course it’s solar powered. With a full charge it will last 10 months, it has a battery power indicator and a power saving function.

This watch isn’t too big in comparison to some other G-Shock watches which can be appealing, it’s rugged yet stylish.

G-Shock Solar Watches - GW2310FB-1CR


This analog and digital watch from the G-Steel series with its hallmark layer guard structure adds a new dimension in terms of shock resistance. It features Neobrite luminous hands, Super Illuminator LED, world time (31 time zones), 1/100 second stopwatch, countdown timer, 5 daily alarms, 12/24 hour formats and Tough Solar power. This is a beautiful and well crafted watch. It’s a lot of watch for a reasonable price.

G-Shock Solar Watches - GST-S110-1ACR


For our next choice we’ve gone with a GW-9400-3R Rangeman. This is a high spec watch, Multi-Band Atomic timekeeping, Triple Sensor technology (altimeter, barometer, digital compass), Full auto LED backlight with afterglow, world time (31 time zones). It’s mud, water, shock and low temperature resistant. Check out our full Rangeman post for more Rangeman options.

G-Shock Solar Watches - GW-9400-3CR


We’ve gone old school for our next choice with this G-5600E-1JF. Contained within this simple design is a wealth of features. Obviously it’s solar powered or it wouldn’t be included here, in addition to that it has, world time (29 time zones), 1/100 stopwatch, countdown timer, 5 daily alarms with 1 snooze, full EL backlight with afterglow, battery power indicator and a power saving mode. From a full charge with normal use this watch should run for approximately 11 months without exposure to light.

G-Shock Solar Watches - G-5600E-1JF


G-Shock solar watches needn’t be somber and boring. To demonstrate that for our last pick we’ve gone for this bright red GWN1000RD-4A Gulfmaster. This is a close relative to the yellow Gulfmaster featured in our best G-Shock watches for 2017 post.

G-Shock Solar Watches - GWN1000RD-4A

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